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to view the lyrics of the song
you are listening to on Spotify

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Versefy is a light software which allows you to find the lyrics of the currently playing song on Spotify.

Lyrics sources: Musixmatch, Genius &

Windows 10 v1809, v1903, v1909, v2004+
.NET Framework 4.6.1, Internet Connection, Spotify (most recently tested on
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Softpedia Review

View the lyrics of any song currently playing on Spotify with the help of this lightweight software application that requires no setup

The review is about v0.1.0

If Spotify is your goto application for playing tunes thanks to the variety of music genres, artists and smart playlists it provides, you might want to sing along when listening to a favorite song.

Unfortunately, Spotify has yet to implement a lyrics viewer. Until that happens, you can use Versefy. It's free and open-source, fetching lyrics from Musicmatch. Besides the fact that it can be used as a typical Windows application by casual users, the tool can also implemented into .NET projects by developers (MIT License).

Sing along to tracks played by Spotify

There's nothing fancy or complicated about the interface and the way Versefy works. It autodetects the song that's currently being played and loads the matching lyrics immediately, letting you browse pages of lyrics by clicking forward and backward buttons. Of course, the artist and song name are shown there too.

If the lyrics are wrong, you can modify them but this option is not available for casual users (developers only). Also, the app's window can be set to stay on top of other programs to always have the lyrics in sight.

Portable lyrics player for casual users and developers alike

Installation isn't necessary, so you can double-click the .exe file as soon as you download it. This means that you can keep it stored in your portable software collection and fire it up whenever you want to view lyrics while listening to songs on Spotify.

The maker of Versefy plans on adding support for more lyrics sources besides Musicmatch in future updates. Until that happens, you can easily use this application to play lyrics while playing Spotify music. It worked smoothly in our tests on the latest Windows edition.

- Elena Opris